IGSS'09 Guest Presenters

John A. Buben, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Marian University
Presentation titles: Introduction to Toxicology; Toxic Substances in the Environment

Ronald A. Weiss, PhD
Lecturer in Biology, Marian University
Presentation titles: Case Studies from IDEM; CO2 Calculations

Anthony J. Kriech '75
Director of Research, Heritage Environmental Services
Presentation title: Sustainable Development Efforts at Heritage Research Group

William Kassebaum, PE, and John Kassebaum, PhD, PE
Respectively CEO and CTO of StellarWind Bio Energy
Presentation title: AlgaeOil

Ryan J. Bernhardt '07
High-throughput robotics chemist, Coskata Energy Inc.
Presentation title: Biofuels/Renewable Energy at Coskata; Second Generation Ethanol from Trash

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