Lecture Notes

Lecture notes from IGSS'09 are available from this page in downloadable PDF format.

Dr. Lecher: Green Chemistry

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Green Chemistry

Lecture 2 - Green and Sustainable Science at Marian University

Lecture 3 - Update on Green Chemistry Education

Lecture 4 - Identification of Chemical Hazards

Lecture 5 - 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Lecture 6 - Solvents and Green Chemistry

Lecture 7 - Green Metrics

Handout to accompany Lecture 7.

Dr. Macrae: Energy and Sustainability

Chemical Fuels/Energy and Spectra/The Greenhouse Effect

Energy Sustainability - Generation and Consumption/Energy Costs of Transportation

Energy Storage - Batteries and Fuel Cells

Energy from Hydrogen - From Fuel Cells to Fusion


Assignment 1 - Light

Assignment 2 - Vehicle energy use

Assignment 3 - Thermodynamics of engines

Assignment 4 - Energy storage in batteries

Other handouts:

Using the IGSS Wiki

Library research in chemistry


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