We are always preparing for the next IGSS Summer Program!


IGSS is a challenging and fun summer learning and research experience for which you can receive college credit towards your major or minor in Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics. If you are a current student at an accredited institution of higher learning and have completed one year of college chemistry (calculus and physics are also helpful), and you would like to participate in next year's IGSS, please contact ude.nairam|rehcelc#ude.nairam|rehcelc.


IGSS is a great place for high school teachers of chemistry, physics, or biology, who are seeking a new perspective on their fields and are prepared to be challenged with varied and up-to-the-minute material. Contact us at ude.nairam|rehcelc#ude.nairam|rehcelc.


If you are active in a field related to sustainability and would like to be a guest speaker at a future iteration of IGSS, please contact ude.nairam|rehcelc#ude.nairam|rehcelc.


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